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It really takes a lot of online casino gaming to be able to write a casino guide - I'm talking hundreds. Not everyone has that type of experience, so I've decided to draw on mine to give you a good idea of what you'll find out there.

Software Types in Online Casinos

Most of the casino guide is organized relative to the type of gaming software employed, simply because most games that use the same software are a lot alike. It would make sense, therefore, to know something about the various types of software, so make good use of the following. Consider it a guide to the guide.

Microgaming Casinos have come a long way since their inception. They're opening up all over the place, despite the fact that it used to be quite commonly known that they didn't half pay their winners. (Apparently, you've come around at just the right time.)

It would not be a stretch to say that Microgaming is the most commonly used software provider. Anyone sporting their name is a safe bet; Microgaming is all about image. You don't have to worry about whether or not you'll get paid. Everything's fair.

The software itself is pretty cool and just about any slot game you could possibly want to play is available, and that includes numerous video poker variations. My favorite part, though, is their reliability. The payout system is better than Vegas', particularly in regards to their signup bonuses. You can try different types of games, like roulette, online slots.

All Slots Casino is the best of the Microgaming Casinos, to my way of thinking, but all of them are reliable and diverse in their offerings.

Real Time Gaming (RTG) Casinos is definitely up there in the echelons of online casinos, but not on Microgaming's level. A lot of RTGs have made it into this casino guide, as you'll see, and you can be sure they're quality places, but I can't say the same for the ones I've chosen to omit. They were of the genre that doesn't serve its players well, and hopefully you won't find that kind of discourteousness at any of the casinos I've listed.

For those RTG casinos that are up to a more acceptable standard, you'll find lots of unforgettable entertainment. There are a number of games available, which includes some of the best of video poker, and signup bonuses are generous. RTG is a name you can count on in any situation.

Bodog Casino, though, stands out to me more than the others.

Vegas Technology, which is owned by English Harbor Entertainment and therefore about the same, has age to its credit and therefore reliability. Go back and track English Harbor and you'll find a long trail of customer satisfaction and prompt service. Although bottom table limits are just $1-$2, there are plenty of games for those shooting for big money. One of my favorite features is the option to adjust game speed, so play only proceeds as fast as you like it. Probably the place where Vegas Technology needs the most help is in graphics, but their signup bonus levels are nothing to complain about. One ofthe most important things is to choose a good casino.

English Harbor Casino is the star of Vegas Technology in my book, and therefore in this casino guide.

Playtech Casinos deserve commendation for the wide range of options provided. The web version of Playtech casinos uses Shockwave or Java, and then players can download the game(s) to either a Mac or PC. There's a balance between quality and download size, which is good news to anyone. A good clue to the success of Playtech is the number of online casinos that have switched over to them simply because they realized they were missing out on something.

Out of all the Playtech casinos, Casino Tropez stands out most to us.

Casino Games

Have you found your casino game in abundance of the casino games? If not, you better figure that out fast, as favorite game brings satisfaction x100.