A Systematic Approach to Roulette?

So it just seems that, no matter what you do, you just can't get rid of that urge to compartmentalize and apply rules to everything. You need a well-defined plan to function in the most basic situations, including site with best roulette games. Some would tell you there's no hope, but hope is not what you're looking for. You just want something that will let you play roulette the way you like to play everything else- with a strategy and the roulette rules.

Roulette Strategies Have Yet to Withstand the Test of Time

For starters, remember that roulette is just a simple game of chance, and therefore a review of possible outcomes is helpful.

Besides that, there are a number of systems being touted as the most worthwhile. In the long run, though, the house has held its own with online roulette in spite of all of them, and examining the why's and wherefore's is a good investment of time. The following are the two roulette betting strategies you're most likely to come across. You might find them useful in your game strategy, but don't expect a major breakthrough.

Two Betting Strategies for Roulette

The Martingale betting system is just about getting back losses. All it requires is that you keep doubling your bet every time you lose the game. That way, when (and if) you eventually win, you have the same amount of money as when you started out.

Although it may sound like a good plan, the Martingale system has its pitfalls. Number one, it's very expensive, as you would spend $2,047 on a total of ten consecutive bets if the first one was just $1. In the end, you would have no profit, just what you started with (and that's if you win on the tenth try, which has a probability of 613:1). Another sour point is that most casinos put a block on how high you can bet. Thus, you might get cut off before you can win your money back.

An alternative to Martingale is D' Alembert. With the D' Alembert system, players increase their bets a little after a loss and decrease a little after a win (by the same increment in either case). This means a more gradual change in your wager, since it's linear and not exponential, but the system is no more guaranteed than Martingale's. In the end, you're left with what you began with: The unpredictability of chance. Video poker in this respect is different, as you can influece it.

Try the Martingale or D' Alembert betting systems at your own risk. Because roulette depends on chance where no play depends on another, there's no way to make predictions. Sorry to those of you who feel like predictability is an integral part of the game. There's just no way to get around it. You can hope for a hot streak with one of the above systems, but you might just find yourself running cold and lose all your money.

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