Video Poker Strategy and the Royal Flush

Getting a royal in a game of video poker is about the most exciting play you can make. Therefore, your video poker strategy should center on how you can make a royal flush.

Simple Strategies

Memorize the strategies below and you'll have a workable plan. It's a video poker strategy you can bring to any vender and it's not difficult to remember.

The assumption is that you are playing the max coin bets, although, even with this, the best strategy varies. Sometimes, it's just a lot of frustration and no gain to use optimal strategy. Although our strategies aren't hard to remember, you'll need a different one for every variation of poker, in both rules and payout, because your goals are different.

Jacks or Better: The 9/6 Video Poker Strategy
You Get:You Toss:You Keep:
Royal Flush05
Straight Flush05
4 of One Type1 4
Royal Flush of 4 Cards14
Full House05
3 of One Type23
Straight Flush of 4 Cards14
Two Pairs14
Jacks or Higher Pair32
Royal Flush w/ 3 Cards23
Flush w/ 4 Cards14
Lower than Jacks Pair32
4 Card Straight14
Straight Flush w/ 3 Cards23
Royal Flush- 2 Cards32
3 High Cards23
2 High Cards32
1 High Card41
Any Other Combination50

With the above video poker strategy, you would match your hand according to the highest card on the list, then go with that play.

This is not, of course, a full chart of video poker strategy. In a more complete version, you would be apprised of the difference between a royal flush of 3 cards that included a pair and one that didn't. However, this is the most basic, and it will do when you're just trying to get a feel for the video poker strategy.

As mentioned earlier, the table changes when the conditions of the game change. If you're playing a variation of "Jacks or Better" where you get double bonuses, follow the following chart.

Jacks or Better w/ Double Bonuses: Video Poker Strategy
You Get:You Toss:You Keep:
Royal Flush05
4 Aces14
4 Cards (2's, 3's or 4's)14
Straight Flush05
4 of Any Card 5-King14
Royal Flush- 4 Cards14
3 Aces23
Full House05
3 of the Cards 2, 3 and 423
3 of the Cards 5-King23
Straight Flush- 4 Cards 14
2 Pairs14
2 Aces32
Royal Flush- 3 Cards 23
Flush of 4 Cards 14
Pair- Kings, Queens, Jacks32
Straight of 4 Cards 14
Straight Flush- 3 Cards23
Low Pair32
Royal Flush- 2 Cards32
Flush- 3 Cards 23
3 High Cards23
Straight- 3 Cards 23
2 High Cards32
1 High Card 41
Other Combination--

Video poker strategy can't be summed up in a couple of words, but it can be shown pretty clearly with simple charts. Memorize the charts for the game you're playing and it will all be much easier. If you want the games of luck, you may like roulette or online slots.

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